Abandon yourself to the deep relaxation that only warmth can provide

A sensation of cleansing that starts from within, of warmth which envelops the body after an intense day of sport in the natural setting of Val Gardena.

A pleasure trip between Finnish sauna, aromatic Turkish bath, the exclusive snow-filled grotto, the salt-water oasis and the hay sauna.

Precious moments when you can dedicate your time to your well-being in the wellness oasis at Hotel Granbaita Dolomites, where you can enjoy a timeless moment in the relaxation room and allow all your tensions to fade while admiring the unforgettable landscape of the Dolomites.

We inform our valued guests that access to our sauna area is reserved for adults over 16 years old, as it is a nudist zone.

Panoramic Sauna - 90-95 °C, 10-15% humidity, with a panoramic view and with energy-giving “Aufguss" repeated several times weekly
Snow grotto - shower with fresh-water snowflakes, the only one of its kind
Hay sauna - 50-55 °C, 35-40% humidity, with mountain hay fragrance to soothe those suffering from arthritis
Stone pine sauna - 60-65 °C, 25-30% humidity, with stone pine fragrance for a relaxing effect
Aromatic Turkish bath - 40-42 °C, 70-80% humidity, enriched with aromas
Classic Turkish Bath - 40-42 °C, 70-80% humidity
Family Sauna - 45-50 °C with 30-35% humidity
Ladies-only Sauna - 80-85 °C, 15-20% humidity, for ladies only
It's always snowing here...
in the sauna, too