You will be enchanted by the aquatic world and the well-being offered by the Granbaita bathing oasis

The aquatic world of the Hotel Granbaita Dolomites invites you to re-energize and invigorate both mind and body by contact with water, in the truest and most primitive fashion, immersing the body in the spacious swimming area with its eye-catching forms and colours.

Water as the elixir of long life, the fundamental element for all living things. We at Granbaita fully realize this, which is why we use exclusively water that is re-vitalized using the GRANDER method, which enhances its natural properties and beneficial effects.

A 32-metre swimming pool heated to 30°C where you can enjoy a soothing swim in a delightful continuum between the large covered pool and the outdoor panoramic pool.

Energy-giving bubbles to caress the skin on the loungers built into the pool and in the indoor and outdoor hydromassage tubs.

A sense of the immensity of Nature which pervades the senses... swimming in the open air with the reflections of the Dolomites dancing on the surface of the water.

Indoor pool - 32°C and 18 metres in length, linked to the outdoor pool by a channel of water
Outdoor pool - 32°C and 14 metres in length, linked to the outdoor pool by a channel of water
Children's pool - separate pool heated to 32°C for our smaller guests