A World of Water with a Panoramic View

A Bubbly Elixir of Life

Experience water at its origin. The elixir of life, the source of creation. Gran Baita World of Water is ideal for swimming, for enjoying the invigorating bubbles, for health-giving Kneipp exercises, and for weightless floating. A 48-meter-long swimming pool with an outdoor swimming area - water lovers are sure to love the different colors and shapes, with natural stones and their inherent power.
The large indoor swimming pool and panoramic outdoor pool with water kept at 30 °C (86 °F) reflect the Dolomites towering above the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Integrated whirl beds invite you to relax, and there's a private jacuzzi for bubbly fun.

GRANDER water is used throughout the Water World of the Gran Baita Spa Hotel. "Nature is the best teacher. Thus, the revitalization of water is no big secret; rather, it's a law of nature, "says Johann Grander, the founder of GRANDER water. Grander's goal is to make the properties of revitalized water with all its beneficial effects available to humans, animals, and plants. Using natural methods, the conventional water is enhanced so as to attain a very high biological quality.

The Gran Baita Spa Experience:

  • Spacious indoor swimming pool and outdoor swimming pool with panorama view
  • Integrated whirlpool couches
  • Tea Corner
  • Finnish Indoor Sauna and an outdoor sauna with daily application of essences
  • Biosauna
  • Kneipp health circuit
  • Turkish Steam Bath
  • Ice Grotto
  • Whirlpool
  • Relaxation Room with panoramic view of the breathtaking Dolomites and Gröden / Gardena Valley
  • Beauty Farm
  • Fitness Area (gym)
  • Floating Salt Pool
  • Salt Grotto
  • Vulkania Grotto
  • Sun-Bathing Terrace