Savinela SPA

Comprehensive Well-Being

Scents, sounds, images, and gentle touches flow together and provide a comprehensive sense of well-being. Warm oils and essential fragrances pervade your senses and massaging hands relax your body. The soothing atmosphere of the Savinela SPA invites you to relax.
Savinela is the Ladin name of a delicate, beautiful flower that grows in the Langen Valley (Vallunga). The entrepreneurial couple, Puntscher Perathoner, enjoy spending time to relax in the pristine natural beauty of Vallunga. The unique Alpine flora and fauna of the nearby Puez Odle / Geisler Nature Park – which was declared to be a UNESCO World Heritage in 2009 – serves as an inspiration to the two hoteliers. The impressions are reflected in the SPA area: the rustic Alpine flair of the beauty chambers, the names of the treatment rooms, and Savinela – the hotel's own cosmetic line natural products, which are rich in valuable Alpine ingredients to enhance your natural beauty.

Restful hours in the "Pra da Ri" private SPA, relaxing massages, and sensual body and facial treatments await you in the spacious beauty area of the Gran Baita Spa Hotel.