Wellness Selva

Hotel Granbaita in Selva Val Gardena

Wellness Selva

We recommend for recreation the hotel Granbaita in Selva Gardena. Hotel Granbaita offers you a range of possibilities to get wellness.

You can feel well in pleasantly arranged bars and dining rooms. Furthermore Hotel Granbaita is equipped with several water worlds for your convenience. Enjoy wellness & spa in Selva in pools inside and outside the Hotel Granbaita.

Get wellness in the water. You have the choice of large pools for having fun with your friends and little basins to feel more private.

Additional the Hotel Granbaita has special places, where you can feel well and absolutely private - comfortable rooms with space to live and space to dream.

Have fun and feel good in Selva in Val Gardena. The sunny valley is an eldorado for winter sports and hiking. The fresh air of the high mountain area in the Italian Dolomites best for wellness in Selva, health and recreation.