The History of Gran Baita

A Dynamic History

With a passion for hospitality, for over 50 years! That sums up the philosophy of the Puntscher family. Mr. and Mrs. Puntscher operated the "La Selva" bed & breakfast located in the periphery of Selva. In the winter of 1961/1962, the two innkeepers purchased another property in Wolkenstein / Selva and built the hotel "Gran Baita" there. The name Gran Baita means "big mountain lodge" in the local Ladin dialect. Between the 1970s and 1990s, the Puntscher family repeatedly rebuilt and expanded the Gran Baita until finally, in 1999, the youngest daughter, Mrs. Carmen Puntscher, took over the hotel. Since then, Carmen, together with her husband Raphael Perathoner and their three children, have been running the Hotel Gran Baita. They put a lot of value in establishing a personal contact with their guests, and consider an elegant, intimate atmosphere of paramount importance. This can be seen in their natural demeanor and friendly behavior towards their guests.

Welcome to the Gran Baita – We are looking forward to your staying with us.