Hotel in Selva

Hotel Granbaita in Selva

Hotel in Selva

Selva is a fabulous resort in northern Italy. The place is best for summer and winter sports as well as for recreation The resort, located in the Alps of South Tyrol, is excellent for skiing, hiking and wandering. The municipality lies in the Val Gardena Valley in the utter northeast of Italy. The sunny valley in the high mountains, in winter completely covered by snow, are perfect for your next vacation. In summer you can enjoy the impressing high mountain area around Selva by biking or hang gliding.

Furthermore the hotel in Selva is a fantastic place to spend unforgettable holidays there for young people as well as for couples and families. Enjoy the fresh air of the forested Dolomites.

The hotel in Selva is located in the Italian region of Trentino. 30 kilometres towards the west lies Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol. Selva, placed in a wide valley between the mountains is not only famous for its beautiful surroundings, but for its first-rate hotels, such as the Granbaita hotel in Selva.

Don't hesitate to ask for that hotel in Selva. Hotel Granbaita offers a wide range of wellness facilities. Additional this hotel in Selva has pleasantly arranged bars and dining rooms. Moreover Hotel Granbaita presents several water worlds for the convenience of its guests. Enjoy your days in pools inside and outside of this comfortable hotel in Selva. There is a choice of large pools for having fun with friends and relatives. On the other hand there are little basins for being undisturbed.

Additional this Hotel in Selva has places, where guests can feel absolutely private. There is talk about comfortable rooms and suites with enough space to live and to dream. Have fun and feel good in your hotel in Selva. Enjoy your stay in the Granbaita Hotel in Selva. You will have unforgettable days in the mountain world of northern Italy.